Our Manifesto

Let’s master new ideas, feed and spark curiosity, and expand our horizons…

Our insights are modern (blogging, podcasting, social media, videos, email, websites), but our fundamentals are proven: make something people want and are willing to pay for.

The formula is clear, but that doesn't make it easy. How do you find a good business idea? Where do you find customers? How do you build something people want? How do you sell enough to earn a living? How do you grow this thing once you’ve gotten some traction?

That's why we built this? The truth is, most small business ideas fizzle out. We all start with good intentions, but things get in the way. Roadblocks, naysayers, loss of motivation, other priorities, unanswered questions.

Our mission is simple: to help you earn a living doing something you love. We do that through training, tools, coaching, community and our famous roadmap.

Investing just 5 minutes a day in focused exploration of interesting subjects can elevate the mind, broaden horizons, and build true knowledge.

Hack new knowledge via short, 10 part, knowledge building email courses that enrich life, delivered every morning.

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