Our mission is clear: to help you earn a living independently doing something you care about.

Now more than ever, it's possible for individual people like us to learn personal finance topics while we still continue with our lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

Individualy teaches you something new every day. As you sip your morning coffee and rub the sleep from your eyes, Individualy delivers a short, 5-minute email lesson to help you learn anything from art and philosophy, to business and personal finance topics.

Is it free?

Yes, it's completely free

When will I receive my emails?

Your course will start the following morning after you sign up for it. All lessons are delivered at 9AM.

Can I change my email address?

Sure thing! Just click “Manage subscription” at the bottom of any email.

Why am I not receiving my emails?

First of all, to ensure delivery, please add hello@individualiy.co.za to your address book.

Then check your spam folder to make sure that emails didn't get caught in that email black hole. Look for emails from hello@individualiy.co.za. If you find them in your spam folder, marking them as “not spam” should solve the problem.

If they are not in your spam folder, chances are our emails are going into your archive, all mail folder, promotions tab, or some other folder. If you find emails from Individualy there, start by dragging them into your primary tab.

Our Mission

hello@individualiy.co.za is a platform for all individuals who care about what they do. Now more than ever, it's possible for individual people like us to learn personal finance topics.

The content on this site is produced by industry experts who previously worked at major companies. We want our readers to take control of their businesses.


Our values
  • Authenticity
  • Independence
  • Simplicity

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